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Try out our new plant based energy drinks brewed from Organic Yerba Mate leaves.

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Benefits and effects of yerba maté

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Help focus on what matters

The composition of mate awakens your body and mind in a unique way that keeps you alert, focus and calm at the same time.

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Sustainable energy

The stimulating effect is a lot more smoother and long lasting due to the lower amount of caffeine and other compounds present in the plant.

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Good for your health

Yerba Mate is an exceptionally powerful plant! Naturally loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Our bestsellers

yerba mate, mateina menta

Mateína Menta

Mint Yerba Mate
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yerba mate, mateina euforia

Mateína Euforia

Hibiscus / Berries
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yerba mate, groude khaki

Silicone Gourd

Khaki Green
Gourd + Bombilla
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Helping local families yerba mate leaf

One of our main values is to make sure that every person involved in the project receives a decent salary and the best working conditions. So we work with farmers that are always looking to improve their communities. Fair trade is the best way to connect with the people who grow and harvest the products that we all appreciate.

How to prepare mate


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