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yerba mate, mateina menta

Mateína Menta

Mint Yerba Mate
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yerba mate, mateina euforia

Mateína Euforia

Hibiscus / Berries
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yerba mate, groude khaki

Silicone Gourd

Khaki Green
Gourd + Bombilla
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Yerba mate facts

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Help focus on what matters

The composition of mate awakens your body and mind in a unique way that keeps you alert, focus and calm at the same time.

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Sustainable energy

The stimulating effect is a lot more smoother and long lasting due to the lower amount of caffeine and other compounds present in the plant.

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Good for your health

Yerba Mate is an exceptionally powerful plant! Naturally loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.