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EL CEBADOR - Starter Pack


Traditionally, a Cebador is the one who prepares the infusion, becoming in some way the master of ceremonies. This set is ideal to give to two yerba fanatics that love drinking the traditional infusion. This set is also perfect for the person who loves everything about tea and would enjoy making infusions.  

El Cebador Starter Pack includes:

- 1 pack (220g) of Original (100% Yerba Mate)

- 1 pack (220g) of Menta (Mint) 

- 1 pack (220g) of Citrus (Lemon & Orange)

- 1 pack (220g) of Euforia (Hibiscus & Berries)

- 2 silicone mate gourds (cups), & 2 stainless steel bombillas (straws).  Pick your favourite colours!

✓ Organic

✓ Non GMO

✓ Vegan

✓ Fairly traded

✓ Responsibly grown

EL CEBADOR - Starter Pack