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Steady energy, powered by yerba mate

Unlock the physiological benefits of yerba mate and experience a new sense of being.

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Yerba mate has been a time-honored, South American tradition for centuries.
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Dr. Andrew Huberman on the benefits of Yerba MAte

Dr. Andrew Huberman of The Huberman Lab has long touted the benefits of yerba mate. MateĂ­na has partnered with Dr. Huberman to explain its benefits including:

  • Increases the body’s production of GLP-1 and increases fat oxidation

  • Protects dopaminergic neurons, assisting in mood, sleep, and learning

  • Alternative source of caffeine that helps improve focus and energy levels

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Grower spotlight

MateĂ­na's Yerba Mate is cultivated by a fourth generation farming family in Argentina who practice an organic, fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

Misiones Province, Argentina
Our Yerba Mate is cultivated with respect for the native forests. This allows a natural and sustainable cohabitation between the different botanical species.

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