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Energy Infusion

Lemon Original

Energy Infusion

Grapefruit Guava

Energy Infusion

Blueberry Haskap

Energy Infusion

Peach Passion

Sparkling Energy Infusion

Mango Key Lime

Sparkling Energy Infusion

Raspberry Yuzu

Energy Infusion

Lemon Zero

Easy Drinking. Balanced Energy. Refreshingly Simple.

From Fresh Leaf to Your Can:

Dive into Mateina's Inviting Brews: Easygoing, Thirst Quenching, Non-Carbonated Yerba Mate. Our special brewing brings you a mate that's as smooth as your favorite iced tea, perfect for a friendly, fuss-free energy kick.

Each can of our infusion offers:
120mg of mate-derived caffeine
No other added caffeine
Zero preservatives
0 to 8g per can
Crafted with love and passion

Real Simple Ingredients
Certified Organic
Fair Trade Forever
Non GMO Certified
Vegan & Gluten-Free
Proudly Made in Canada

The Proof Is in the Plant

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