4 mistakes to avoid when preparing mate!

The preparation of mate is a ritual in itself! This unique method requires a few simple steps of preparation. Here are 4 classic mistakes that usually happen when you first start infusing yerba mate! In order to enjoy your mate to its full potential, like a real Argentino, we invite you to read and learn more about the mistakes not to make. 

Don't let it sit!

The preparation of mate is unique! You simply add your water, drink it instantly, and repeat the process. There is no infusion time required as when preparing a green tea, black tea or chamomile for example. It is therefore not recommended to let the herb infuse for more than 5 minutes. After this time, the «washing» of the herb will have been too long. Indeed, the taste of the infusion will be too pronounced, making your mate overly bitter. 

Do not use boiling water!

To enjoy a good mate, it is recommended to not use boiled water. In fact, it is recommended to use water between 70 and 80 degrees. . Boiling water could burn the minerals and nutrients in the leaf, and it could burn your tongue as well! As the infusion is drunk instantly, the water must be at an acceptable temperature for immediate consumption.

Do not drown your mate!

When preparing the gourd, it is important to create the famous mountain of herbs (also called Montañita). This mountain allows you to create a ditch, in which water is added in stages. Indeed, as the herb can be infused up to 15 times, it is important to add the water on the herb in a gradual way: in respect of the gradation of the herb. In this sense, it is important not to drown the whole herb in the first infusions. This way, the infusion will always be fresh, and tasty.

Don't mess around with the bombilla!

The filter straw was created centuries ago exclusively for the consumption of yerba mate. This unique straw, with a filter at the end, allows you to sip the mate without having any leaves coming up to your mouth. Did you know that it is very important not to move the bombilla? In fact, when it is inserted, it must remain in place. If it is moved or used to stir the herb, you risk blocking the filter, and thus causing leaves to come up in the mouth. So remember: Never move the bombilla!

By knowing these mistakes now, you are ready to avoid them! By the way, we invite you to discover the complete preparation steps right here!