Guayusa & Yerba Mate; What are the differences between these two plants?

In an era when we realize how important health is, we ask ourselves more questions about the products we consume. Plants hold a place of choice in people's daily life as a stimulant, and for good reason. Who doesn't need a daily dose of energy?
The benefits of Guayusa and Yerba Mate are gaining more and more attention from Canadians. These two naturally energizing plants help keep you going without the side effects of caffeine. But how to choose? What are the main differences between these two options? We break it down for you.
Guayusa and Yerba Mate are two drinks that are widely consumed in South America. Both plants are part of the same botanical family; the holly family. While guayusa (ilex guayusa) grows in the Amazonian forests of Ecuador, yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis) is rather found in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.
The method:
Both plants are fairly traded and environmentally friendly. Guayusa is cultivated by cuttings, while Yerba is harvested from the seeds of the "mama" mate tree. These seeds are used to plant all mate trees. The leaves are then picked and dried to make infusions, ready-to-drink & other products.
Native people have strongly influenced the traditional methods for each of these plants; the Kichwades for Guayusa & the Guaranis for Yerba Mate. Two beverages that are regularly consumed as hot or cold infusions! However, it is recommended not to drink them before bedtime, due to their high natural caffeine content.
The effects:
Guayusa and Yerba Mate are naturally rich in caffeine which makes them our allies for busy days. Unlike coffee & other stimulating beverages, they do not cause any increase in blood pressure or a sudden drop in energy.
Many agree that the combination of caffeine & theobromine promotes good mood energy, good mood and mental clarity. Besides the energizing aspect, they are appreciated worldwide for their antioxidant properties and key nutrients.
We thus have two natural stimulants at hand; neither causing a high nor a crash like the usual cup of coffee.
Well known for its bitterness, Yerba Mate has a unique taste; botanical and natural. The tannins in the mate make for a rather adventurous drink! Guayusa, on the other hand, is considered earthy and slightly sweet; it’s the Ecuadorian version of yerba, but sweeter!
Nutritional profile:
Both plants contain caffeine, theobromine & polyphenols. Yerba Mate is a great source of vitamins B, C & E, but also of phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. 
As for guayusa, it possesses vitamins C & D, calcium, potassium, zinc and chromium! Both contain L-theanine; the antioxidant that improves concentration, helps to stabilize mood, reduce stress and relax the body.
However, the distinction between the two is that guayusa is richer in L-theanine while yerba contains theophylline; two antioxidants with distinct roles. 
Guayusa & Yerba Mate; two healthy and excellent drinks for your health, providing an alternative to coffee and other common energy drinks. Two nourishing, energizing & tasty infusions, each with its own benefits in terms of taste & antioxidant properties. 
The choice is yours Amigo! 
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