Refreshing and energizing: The art of cold water Yerba Mate infusion

Experience the delight of cold water yerba mate infusion, or "tereré," a popular refreshment in Paraguay and Southern Brazil. This chilled variation of the traditional hot yerba mate brew is perfect for warm days or as a cooler alternative for yerba mate enthusiasts.

Preparing Cold Water Yerba Mate

Method 1: Traditional Tereré

Fill your gourd: Place Mateina’s original loose-leaf yerba mate into your mate gourd (or a large glass).

Prepare your water: Combine ice and cold water in a thermos or pitcher. Add lemon juice or other fruit infusions to enhance the flavor.

Moisten the leaves: Pour the flavored cold water over the yerba mate in the gourd. Allow the leaves to soak and release their flavors for a few minutes.

Sip and Enjoy: Drink the infusion using a bombilla (a traditional metal straw with a filter). Savor the refreshing and energizing taste of your cold Yerba Mate, adjusting it to your liking to maximize its benefits and, above all, to enjoy a highly positive experience!

Method 2: Yerba Mate Cold Brew

Prepare the leaves: Add Mateina’s original loose-leaf yerba mate to a French press.

Infuse with flavors: Directly add cold water to the French press, along with lemon juice or other fruits for additional flavoring.

Steep: Let the mixture steep in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours to fully infuse the flavors and properties of the yerba mate.

Press and serve: Once steeped, press down the plunger of the French press and pour the infused yerba mate into a glass. Ice can be added for extra chill.

Enjoy: Relish in the unique, revitalizing taste of your yerba mate cold brew.

The Cultural Significance of Tereré

Tereré is more than a beverage; it's a cultural symbol in Paraguay and Southern Brazil, often enjoyed in social gatherings to strengthen community bonds.

Why Try Tereré?

Tereré and yerba mate cold brew offer a hydrating, milder alternative to hot yerba mate, perfect for those looking for a refreshing drink with energizing benefits. It's a great way to enjoy yerba mate in a culturally rich and refreshing form.

Mateina brings this versatile aspect of yerba mate into your daily routine. Whether you opt for the traditional gourd method or the cold brew technique, these preparations are sure to add a refreshing, energizing twist to your day. Try it out and experience a cool take on Yerba Mate!

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