The authentic taste of Argentina: Our Original Organic Yerba Mate!

Yerba Mate transcends the ordinary. Originating from South America, this infusion, crafted from yerba mate leaves, invites you to a taste experience as rich as it is beneficial for health. Rooted in a millennia-old history and propelled by deep traditions, Yerba Mate is conquering the world with its unique blend of caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline.

Today, we are thrilled to officially introduce our new product, the Original Organic Yerba Mate, now available in a 454 g (1 lb) format - directly from Argentina to your preferred warehouse! 🌿✨

Branded with the Mateina colors by Nic, our founder, the new bag of Original Yerba Mate is now entirely packaged in Argentina, establishing a greener and more efficient supply chain.

A greener supply chain?

After careful consideration, we have optimized our supply chain to provide you with an even more delightful and environmentally friendly experience. Our team focused its energy on the original flavor, preferred by over 80% of our community. The result? An eco-friendly 454 g format, fewer handlings, more freshness, and above all, better value for you.

Why should you try our new format?

🌎 Choose eco-responsibility with our greener supply chain.

💰 Enjoy advantageous prices thanks to increased efficiency.

🍃 Discover the authenticity of flavors directly from Argentina.

While we no longer offer the Citrus, Euforia, and Menta flavors, the original taste provides a perfect base for creating your personalized mate. Find recipes on our YouTube channel, website, and social media!

Order now to enjoy all the benefits and dive into the authentic experience of Yerba Mate. Original: natural energy and a tribute to culture and tradition.



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