The podcast industry teams up with a Canadian Yerba Mate company: Mateina

We are thrilled to announce a bold partnership between Mateína and Dr. Andrew Huberman, host of the Huberman Lab podcast, recognized as the world's top health and fitness podcast. This collaboration has evolved into an innovative venture, highlighting our shared enthusiasm for yerba mate and our commitment to providing the best energy sources.


Our founder, Nicolas, has worked closely with Dr. Huberman to develop a unique formula, marking the launch of an all-new yerba mate-based energizing infusion, sugar-free. This infusion is a testament to our dedication to health, rich flavors, and a deep respect for traditions resonating with Dr. Huberman's Argentine heritage.

Who is Andrew Huberman?
Dr. Huberman, leading the Huberman Lab, is globally recognized for his expertise in neuroscience at Stanford University and his podcast that inspires millions of listeners every day. His profound understanding of the benefits of Yerba Mate goes beyond science, considering it his favorite source of caffeine for years! Dr. Huberman not only embodies Mateina's core values but also shares a personal affinity for Yerba Mate.
Words from Dr. Huberman
Dr. Huberman shares his thoughts on Yerba Mate: "Yerba Mate has been my preferred source of caffeine for years. I often speak about the health benefits of Yerba Mate, emphasizing its high antioxidant content, its role in blood sugar management, and its neuroprotective effects. Personally, I consume it daily for these reasons, and also because it tastes good and has been part of my life since my childhood growing up with an Argentine father. As popular as Yerba Mate is internationally, it is virtually unknown to the average American citizen because the alternatives on the market are too sweet and simply don't measure up to Mateína. Collaborating with Mateína to develop a sugar-free version has been an exciting experience, and I am thrilled to share this delicious beverage with a wider audience."
The revolutionary product
With only 20 calories and 0g of sugar, this exceptional cold brew promises a completely refreshing taste experience. It is delicately enhanced with a hint of stevia, so subtle it's almost imperceptible, ensuring the natural qualities of yerba mate shine through. The blend is a delightful fusion of zesty lemon and organic yerba mate notes, creating a simple yet enchanting flavor profile that is not only delicious but also good for you. Citron Zero is already available throughout North America on our new online platform:, and of course, on our Canadian site. You can also find the product at various retail locations.
Now, discover the partnership that redefines the healthy beverage market and explore the benefits of Yerba Mate with Mateína and Dr. Andrew Huberman!

The Huberman Lab 🎙️