How to consume Yerba Mate?

Mate is the most consumed beverage in South America. (source) This traditional South American drink is enjoyed in many countries, including Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. (source) Each country has been drinking Yerba Mate for centuries and has its own way of preparing and consuming this beloved energy infusion. Discover how our neighbours to the south, to whom we owe our cultural heritage, savoy this plant with its many benefits and get inspired soon!
In Argentina
Yerba Mate is consumed throughout the day, often as a morning pick-me-up or to accompany an afternoon break. The traditional way to prepare Yerba Mate is to fill a calabash (gourd) with yerba mate leaves and hot water. The drink is then sipped through a metal filter straw called a bombilla to enjoy all its benefits instantly. This is known as "Mate Tradicional". The drink is enjoyed either in its pure bitter form, "Mate Amargo", or with a little bit of sugar, "Mate Dulce". The calabash is generally drunk by friends and family, who take it in turns to sip it, allowing them to share and create unique moments around this naturally energizing plant.
In Paraguay
Yerba Mate is a staple of the daily routine and is often enjoyed throughout the day. The traditional way of preparing Yerba Mate is known as "Tereré". This is a cold version of Yerba Mate, prepared by filling a large thermos with cold water, ice, herbs, and even citrus slices. Yerba Mate leaves are then infused in a "Guampa" and drunk through the bombilla. Paraguayans also like to drink Tereré in groups, as it's a great way to socialize and bond with friends and family.
In Brazil
Yerba Mate is enjoyed in a unique way called Chimarrão, another hot version of this energizing infusion. The main difference lies in the way the leaves are cut. Chimarrão is a blend of Yerba Mate that contains a much higher percentage of powder and has a greener color due to its different aging process. The traditional method of preparation involves filling a container called "cuia" with "Erva Mate" and infusing it with hot water. A common drink on cold days, it is very popular in the southern regions of Brazil.
Mate Gelado (Iced Mate) is another way to enjoy the plant. It's the Brazilian version of the traditional iced tea made by infusing yerba mate leaves and adding sugar and lemon juice. It's this version that inspired our Mateina Yerba Mate drinks.
In Uruguay
Yerba Mate is enjoyed in the same way as in Argentina. It's incredibly popular and enjoyed by all! The main difference in Uruguay lies in the way leaves are cut. Unlike Argentinians, Uruguayans use a blend of pure yerba mate leaves (without the stems), which tends to be stronger.
Whatever the country, each way offers a unique taste and cultural experience. It's up to you to discover which one suits you best. 
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