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ORGANIC fair trade & 100% air-dried

Loose Leaf Yerba Mate

Our journey commences with the classic Argentine Yerba Mate, where it all begins. These 100% air-dried leaves, free from smoking, offer a rich, complex taste with delicate vegetal and fruity notes.

Our Yerba Mate is sourced meticulously from a farming family in northeastern Argentina, dedicated to eco-friendly, fair trade, and entirely organic agricultural practices.

Featuring the classic cut with stems, known as 'con palos,' this blend includes leaves, stems, and a touch of powder. The stems, or 'palos,' play a vital role; rich in Theobromine, they naturally sweeten the infusion while tempering any leaf bitterness.

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Certified Organic
Fairly Traded
100% Smoke-Free Yerba Mate



Mateína's Yerba Mate is cultivated by a fourth generation farming family in Argentina who practice an organic, fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

Misiones Province, Argentina
Our Yerba Mate is cultivated with respect for the native forests. This allows a natural and sustainable cohabitation between the different botanical species.

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