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About us

The Story

It all started when I’ve decided to travel to South America to learn to speak Spanish. I had found a job as a ski instructor at a small ski center of southern Chile. During my first stay I got introduced to a wonderful drink that changed my life. Yerba Mate at first look seemed very unusual by its look and its taste. As soon as I understood the rituals of mate and felt the wonderful effect that mate have on my mind and body it became part of my lifestyle.

As soon as I landed in Canada, I wanted to let the people know that they were missing out on something great. I started to share this powerful infusion with the most people possible. Seeing all the benefits that the beverage had on me, I have had the dream that mate would be a beverage that is accessible and consumed everyday as we consume coffee and tea. So I started to share the beverage and its culture with the people surrounding me. After a couple month always having a hard time to find good mate, I got the idea to start a website that sells exclusively yerba mate and its accessories. At that moment, I had the idea of creating the first Canadian brand of Yerba Mate...

A couple months later, I was back down south! I decided to travel deep into the motherland of Yerba Mate. Traveling around Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, I developed a deep understanding of the culture surrounding the plant as well as the growing / harvesting process. I had the chance to partner with a lovely farming family that produces one of the best yerba mate on earth. At that time, Mateina was born! A brand that offers organic and fair trade Yerba Mate accessible for everyone by offering one of the world's best Yerba Mate at the best price possible and we are determined in sharing the great lifestyle that comes with it.

I have a deep passion for Yerba Mate. In addition to making me feel incredibly good every day, it promotes values that I care about. This is what feed my deep desire to share this wonderful plant and its lifestyle with the most people possible.