3 good reasons to swap your usual energy drink with our Yerba Mate

Yerba mate has been gaining popularity in the last few years. This South American herbal tea is appreciated for its multiple benefits on overall health, and for its ability to awaken in a unique way. Although its leafy infusion is still not well known, ready-to-drink formats of this plant are starting to take more and more space on the market. 

The arrival of yerba mate on the energy drink market meets a real consumer need for a functional, healthy, high-performance and truly natural drink. We are proud to say that we have created the first 100% organic, non-fizzy energy drink based on yerba mate. 

Here are some reasons why you should replace your usual energy drink with our ready-to-drink yerba mate.

1. 4 times less sugar

Our energy infusion contains between 6 and 8 g of certified organic cane sugar. Popular energy drinks contain between 10 and 30 g of sugar.

2. 5 simple ingredients

The recipe has been designed to be reminiscent of a "homemade" taste. It contains 5 simple, certified organic ingredients. The recipes were developed and tested by Mateina's founder, in his own kitchen! Our energizing infusions have been designed to be non fizzy: to seize the unique yerba mate taste.

3. Natural caffeine: Goodbye artificial!

Our energizing infusion contains 130 mg of caffeine, all of it sourced from the yerba mate leaf. In popular products, caffeine is usually generated by a mixture of active ingredients. The caffeine is therefore usually artificial. 

With our mate: Respect yourself & respect nature!

Our yerba mate is harvested in the best possible practices. In respect of the environment and the workers, our products are organic, and fairly traded. In addition to giving your body all the tools to perform better, you are encouraging healthy, humane and sustainable practices. Learn more about our sustainable choices on our website, just here.

If you are not convinced yet, we invite you to read this analysis on yerba mate, published in the Journal de Montréal.