5 reasons to bring yerba mate on your next trip!

Yerba mate is definitely your new favorite adventure buddy. Find out why we can't leave home without taking some with us in our luggage!

1. Roll on the good vibes!

Yerba mate offers a long-lasting and balanced awakening. Stay focused on the road for long hours while cruising on yerba mate natural mood booster. Make the road as pleasant as the destination!

2. The friend you can bring anywhere.

Fill your cooler with our cans and never worry about your coffee fix again. You’ll surely want to keep that friend close for any upcoming occasions. Up late? Improvised hikes? Setting up that tent was harder than you thought? Yerba mate got your back!

3. Nature in its purest form

Our yerba mate resonates with nature. It’s herbaceous, light and non-sparkling taste makes it the perfect partner for your paddleboard sessions, hikes, or camping weekends.

4. Connect deeper

Let’s raise our gourd to the good times! The traditional infusion invites us to fully enjoy the present moment. For us, nothing is more satisfying than sippin a gourd around a campfire, on the top of a mountain, or between two adventures.

5. Rough night?

It’s time to swap your usual Gatorade with something more natural and effective to get you back on track. Let the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the mate leaf do the work for you. It’s the best way to rehydrate and fuel your next day!