5 reasons to switch from coffee to Yerba Mate!

In addition to offering the arousal of coffee, mate offers you the health benefits of green tea & the euphoria of cocoa. It offers a powerful energy, as well as being naturally good for your overall health.

Discover how mate and coffee differ. You'll quickly understand why we love mate so much!

1. Highs without the lows

Say no to the usual roller-coaster action of your energy levels throughout the day. Yerba mate’s special touch (theobromine) will regulate blood pressure and diminish the unwanted effects of caffeine.

2. Same same but different

Although both beverages contain caffeine, they provide two quite different energies. Thanks to the high presence of theobromine in the leaf of mate, its consumption offers a lasting and balanced awakening. Conversely, coffee offers a more intense and instantaneous awakening. We have to thank theobromine for its ability to naturally balance the negative effects associated with caffeine, leaving a pleasant and long-lasting arousal. 

3. Sipping all day!

A normal cup of coffee contains +/- 120 mg of caffeine. A gourd of mate infused between 15 and 20 times contains up to 200 mg of caffeine. The coffee will offer you an instantaneous and generally short-lived awakening, contrary to the gourd which will keep you awake throughout the day, thanks to its unique infusion method consisting of multiple repetitive infusions.

4. A gift for your health

We love coffee for many reasons, but mate not only provides an effective awakening, it also offers multiple benefits to your overall health. It is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that will boost your performance and immune system.

5. Hot day? No problem!

Just like coffee, yerba mate can be served in an iced version. Lemonade, iced mate, cold brew, discover several refreshing recipes on our blog!

It's the perfect time to change your routine. Mate is your secret weapon for productive days. It will keep you awake and focused throughout the day. Why go without?