When to drink Yerba Mate: The best moments of the day

When is the perfect time to indulge in the delicious ritual of Yerba Mate? Well, prepare your thirst, and we'll tell you when and how to enjoy this energizing and comforting infusion with its many benefits.
Morning Delight
It's mate time as soon as the sun rises! Kick-start your day with a gourd to invigorate your morning. The plant's natural caffeine is sure to get your day off to a good start. For a balanced start to the day, our energizing ready-to-drink Yerba Mate infusions will also let you benefit from the virtues of Yerba Mate without wasting any time if you're in a bit of rush.
Afternoon boost 
When the clock starts ticking and your energy level drops, a gourd of mate or our ready-to-drink infusion is just what you need. The afternoon slump doesn't stand a chance against the powerful properties of yerba mate. It's the drink that will keep you focused and alert throughout the day.
Yerba mate, a social drink 
One of the key values in Yerba Mate culture is sharing. Mate is meant to be enjoyed with friends. It's the best way to enjoy it; by creating quality moments around this amazing drink. Drinking mate brings a sense of belonging and adds a unique touch of conviviality to the communities making it their beverage of choice.
The energizing complement to happy hour
If you're a highly caffeine-sensitive person, we wouldn't want your sleep to be impacted. However, if that's not a problem for you, the authentic taste and energizing benefits of Yerba Mate can be enjoyed around your happy hours! Whether as a mocktail or a cocktail, our yerba mate-based ready-to-drink are the perfect option for outings since they require no preparation and are easily brought wherever you want! Give yourself the energy and boost you need to get to your party ;)
So there you go! Here are the best times to enjoy your beloved Yerba Mate. Whether it's at the start of the day, in the afternoon, or early evening, mate is a versatile companion that can be enjoyed at any time of day!