Say goodbye to your afternoon crash.

Meet your new bestfriend when multiple cups of coffee are not enough! Yerba Mate is a naturally energizing plant that delivers the energy boost of coffee, health benefits of green tea, and the relaxing effect of cacao!


  • The energy boost of COFFEE

  • The antioxidants of GREEN TEA

  • The relaxing effect of CACAO


4.5 Stars from over 10,000 Customers

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    “Why settle for an overly sweet lemon iced tea when you have THAT? Gasoline in my engine!”

    Sonia M.
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    “I don't drink coffee and I have 2 young children, so you will understand that I sometimes need a little boost!
    Thank you Mateina :)”

    Marie-Pier G.
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    “Since I tried this product I feel better physically and energetically. Great service and congratulations to this young couple for how they run this business. You have the success ensure, congratulations again.”

    GΓ©rard O.
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    “I really appreciate this product which gives me continuous energy for my day. In addition, it increases my concentration at work. I love the taste and personally the fact that the drink is not sparkling. Thanks also for the good service.”

    Katia Isabel I.
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    “My best asset to get through my afternoons of work while staying focused and motivated despite my work as a mom at night!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»”

    Sophie L.
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    “I love the mateina, very satisfied with my purchase! I drink it every morning and before the gym! It's just perfect especially peach & mango flavor!”

    Audrey M.

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Yerba Mate (yer-bah mah-tay) is tea-like plant that stands out by its energizing effects, nutritional profile, taste and unique infusion method. Native to northern Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil, mate has its own culture based on the values of friendship and sharing.

Yerba Mate is naturally rich in antioxidants, nutrients and caffeine capable of increasing your energy level and improve mental focus. Its also know to enhance physical performance, boost your immune system, lower you blood sugar levels!

It's not! An energy drink is a base of sparkling water in which several active ingredients (synthetic caffeine, vitamins, taurine, A LOT of processed sugar or fake sugar etc) are added. This is the perfect blend to create the intense boost, intense taste and the side effects often related to energy drinks.

Mateina is a simple tea infusion made from brewed leaves!

It's also:
- Made with 4x less sugar than an energy drink (organic cane sugars only)

- Made with simple, natural & organic ingredients only

- Rich in naturally occuring caffeine (from yerba mate leaves). This assures the gentle, balanced energy we all love

-Lighter! A lot lighter than traditional energy drink, just like a delicious, refreshing homemade iced tea (perfectly sweetened).

Here are 3 good reasons to swap your usual energy drink for yerba mate:

Health Canada recommends that Adults (18 years and over) should not exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day. Hot brewed yerba mate contains about 150 mg of caffeine per serving, while our ready to drink cans contain 80 to 130 mg.

Health Canada recommends that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not exceed 300 mg of caffeine per day. Hot brewed yerba mate contains about 150 mg of caffeine per serving, while our ready to drink cans contain 80 to 130 mg.

The yerba mate plant (Ilex paraguariensis) is different from the tea plant (Camilia Sinensis.) and growth only in South America. The yerba mate plant is known to have the energizing qualities of coffee, the health benefits of green tea and the euphoria of chocolate. The distinctive element; the presence of theobromine, also present in cocoa, is appreciated for its stimulant and relaxing effect.