Athletes are drinking Yerba Mate, here’s why!

Before, during, and after exercise, yerba mate is a great option. This one-of-a-kind infusion will help you perform better and recover faster! When you implement this magical plant into your workout routine, you will notice a significant impact.

Before training

Our energising infusion contains 130 mg of 100 percent natural caffeine and acts as a natural pre-workout. It provides you with all of the vitamins, minerals, salts, and sugars you need to perform at your best on the field. The ideal natural pre-workout boost to keep you motivated to keep going!

During training

Yerba mate is known to help regulate blood pressure. Mixed with the unique effect of theobromine which acts as a natural muscle relaxant, your body will have the resources needed to perform!

After training

The combination of alkaloids found in mate leaves allows us to say it also has anti-inflammatory properties. It provides your body with a natural infusion, allowing you to recuperate more quickly. Find out how Yerba Mate can help you recover! Just here.

A ready-to-drink that offers you a ready-to-perform

We've created the first energy drink that's 100 percent natural, non-sparkling, and low in sugar. Crack  one in the morning or in the evening for your workout. A refreshing drink with an authentic taste that does not distort the flavour of yerba mate while still providing all of its health benefits. Is it difficult to say no!

Yerba mate is more than just a beverage; it's a powerful plant that can help you fuel your ambitions.