What is Mateine?

Yerba mate has begun to attract the attention of North American populations in recent years. Consumed for centuries by our Latin neighbours, mate got the attention of North American societies because of its distinctive attributes, but also because of its unique method of consumption. This plant-based beverage has become popular for its therapeutic properties, but also for its positive impact on metabolism. There is certainly a link to be made between the growing interest in mate and the North American desire to establish healthier and more balanced lifestyles.


Confusing mateine (yerba mate) and theine (tea): A mistake.

In South America, mate is well known for its unique stimulant that's said to be one of the most balanced in the world: Mateine!  In the north, many consumers often put mateine and theine in the same category. Although these two sets of alkaloids are similar in some respects, it is important to understand the differences between them. Mateine could be considered the cousin of theine. Although they have clear genetic similarities, there are some predominant elements that ultimately make them quite different. Their distinctive effects on the human body allow us to say that these two groups of elements should not be lumped together.


Mateine: What is it made of?

Made up of a combination of caffeine, theobromine & theophylline, Mateine is, in fact, the term used to name the alkaloids combination present in Yerba Mate. Because Mateine acts so differently than caffeine by itself, this term has been widely used in South-America to designate the unique energizing and therapeutic effect of Yerba Mate. Because of the presence of Theobromine and powerful antioxidants, the caffeine naturally present in the plant is absorbed into the system at a much slower rate than any other stimulating beverages. This results in a totally different effect on the mind and body. Mateine is appreciated for its numerous benefits to overall health.


Theobromine, the key distinguishing element.

Theobromine is what really changes the game! This alkaloid found in cocoa is a natural muscle relaxer that has the reputation to eases anxiety and stress. This compound that naturally lowers blood pressure, drastically diminish the unwanted effects of caffeine. Having said that, mate really puts you in a state of mental clarity that facilitates concentration and has a positive impact on cognitive functions. With a stronger stimulating effect that green tea, and all the balancing properties of Theobromine, Mateine is known to give a sustainable energy boost without the jitters and "crash" effect often associated with caffeine by itself. 



 First, just as Mateine, Theine is a term used to name the combination of caffeine, theophylline and L theanine present in the Camellia Sinensis plant. The main difference between these is the proportion of these alkaloids and the presence of Theobromine (only present in the yerba mate plant). With a significantly lower caffeine concentration, theine is also known to have a much less intense effect than coffee or other energy drink.


 Both great alternatives!

Often associated because of their unique way of acting on our brain and their slower rate of absorption in the body, mateine & theine are greatly appreciated for their long-lasting effect that provides us with mental clarity and constant concentration, instead of the short and jittery effect that caffeine gives us.